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How Many Times a Day Should You Floss? HQ Dental, TX

Lets see how many times a day should you floss. Maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile is crucial, and you don’t even need to Google “dentist office near me” to do so. At HQ Dental, our dentists provide superior dental treatment to give your teeth and gums the care they need to look and feel their […]

Why Do My Gums Bleed When Floss? HQ Dental, TX

Ever wonder why gums bleed when floss? lets find out today. If you’ve noticed bright red blood while flossing your teeth at home, or if your dental hygienist informed you during your most recent tooth cleaning that your gums were bleeding, you may be wondering if you’re doing something wrong.  Bleeding is often an indication […]

How Much is Tooth Extraction Costs? HQ Dental, TX

Ever wonder how much a tooth extraction costs? Let’s find out today. If you require a routine or emergency tooth extraction, cost may be a major concern. Depending on your location, the need for anesthesia or sedation during the procedure, and the specifics of the extraction, the average cost can range from a few hundred […]

How to Smoke After Tooth Extraction Without Getting Dry Socket? HQ Dental, TX

Congratulations on successfully completing the tooth extraction process! We understand that you may be tempted to smoke during your recovery period, but it’s important to note that smoking can lead to dry socket syndrome, which can hinder your healing process and cause significant discomfort. However, we’re here to guide you on how to smoke after […]

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost Without Insurance? HQ Dental, TX

Ever wonder how much dental bridge cost without insurance? Lets find out. The last few decades have seen significant advancements in dentistry. Dental lasers, 3D oral scanning, sophisticated digital imaging, and invisible aligners are just a few of the many innovative and helpful advancements in dentistry. The invention of dental bridging is one example. Discover […]