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MetLife Dental PPO Dual Coverage

You may be wondering how to get the most out of your dental insurance policies, whether you have one from MetLife Dental PPO Dual Coverage insurance or another from another carrier. Having dual coverage, particularly for people requiring substantial dental work, can be beneficial. But to get the most out of both policies, it's important to ensure that claims are filed and handled properly.

MetLife Dental PPO insurance is one of the many Insurance providers that our insurance coordinator at HQ Dental Georgetown regularly manages dental claims for. How are Dr. Hiep Pham and his staff going to make sure you get the most out of your two dental insurance policies?

To more about us call us (512) 863-7561. or isit our dental clinic. We are open from monday to friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Ari Marco

HQ Dental team have done fantastic high quality routine and cosmetic work on my teeth as well as my families. There is no better dentist in Georgetown.

Tan Nguyen

HQ Dental is among the best dental clinics I have visited. I think their secret is the true care of patients.

Anastassia Moser

Everyone who worked in my mouth was extremely gentle, yet thorough. They’ve certainly found a patient for life

How Does Dental Insurance Work HQ Dental Georgetown

A Complete Overview of MetLife Dental PPO Dual Coverage

Once we have your insurance details, we will start communication with your second insurance company and MetLife Dental PPO (MetLife Dental PPO Dual Coverage) insurance on your behalf. We will contact both insurance companies and seek the information we need about your coverage. You can be sure we'll have your insurance information ready for you when you show up for your first appointment.

Dr. Hiep Pham will perform a complete checkup and go over his results and recommendations with you during your in-depth appointment. A customized treatment plan will be created for you based on your unique dental requirements and objectives.

After your treatment is finished, our insurance coordinator will send the primary dental carrier your dental claim. The claim will be filed to the secondary insurance carrier when the original insurance company has processed and paid its share. To determine its payment, the secondary insurance company will need details regarding the amount paid by the main insurance company.

When there is dual coverage, the insurance industry defines primary and secondary insurance. The MetLife Dental PPO coverage will be billed as your primary insurance if you have one. It will be regarded as secondary insurance, meanwhile, if you receive the MetLife Dental PPO coverage (MetLife Dental PPO Dual Coverage) from another source.

You have to understand how your primary and secondary insurance companies coordinate benefits for them to pay for your therapy. There are two varieties: non-duplication of benefits coordination and standard coordination. You may be confident that HQ Dental Georgetown will carefully examine and explain how the advantages particular to your plan are coordinated.

You can visit HQ Dental Georgetown to get more information. Call to arrange a consultation right now at (512) 863-7561 to know more about Metlife Dental PPO Dual Coverage