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How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

As per a research survey, most American adults aged between 18-49 wish to have whiter teeth and have spent approximately $1.4 billion on to whiten your teeth at home Several options are available when looking for teeth whitening products. However, some people might be concerned that these teeth-whitening products are filled with chemicals that are […]

Root Canal vs Extraction and Implant

Sometimes a tooth can get so badly broken or infected that your dentist will talk to you about a few alternative options for treatment. Lets Explore Root Canal vs Extraction and implant. An implant—a prosthetic tooth meant to replace your injured tooth—comes after the first procedure, which is a root canal. The second procedure is […]

Are Dental Implants Permanent

Are Dental Implants Permanent? Lets find out. One device that can assist in replacing a lost tooth is a dental implant. As a substitute for a natural tooth root, the implant is inserted into or above your jawbone. An artificial tooth known as a crown is affixed to the implant. A dental implant is often […]

Why We Have Wisdom Teeth

Lets understand why we have wisdom teeth. Teeth are arranged according to where they are and what they do. While the flatter teeth at the rear of your mouth grind down food, the sharper teeth towards the front of your mouth break food into smaller bits. The term “molars” refers to these softer teeth. Three […]

What Are the Risks of Dental Implants

Let’s have a look risks of dental implants. If a doctor recommends them, dental implants are generally a safe operation. But smoking is one of the reasons you might not be a good fit. Dental implants are long-lasting prosthetic teeth. If you are missing teeth or require the extraction and replacement of some teeth, your […]