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Composite Fillings HQ Dental Georgetown, TX

Composite Fillings HQ Dental Georgetown, TX

cavities or tooth decay is one of the most common oral health issues in the world. and in most cases, dentists recommend you get a filing to remove the cavity. and, the most common type of fillings
are composite fillings (or composite resin).

There are many advantages of composite fillings but the reason most dentists recommend doing these is composite can be customized to match the shade of your teeth. so, people won’t be able to notice it and it feels like a natural tooth.

At HQ Dental in Georgetown TX, 78628 composite fillings are available. Call us at (512) 863-7561 right away to find out more about our offerings or to make an appointment.


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HQ Dental team have done fantastic high quality routine and cosmetic work on my teeth as well as my families. There is no better dentist in Georgetown.

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HQ Dental is among the best dental clinics I have visited. I think their secret is the true care of patients.

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Everyone who worked in my mouth was extremely gentle, yet thorough. They’ve certainly found a patient for life

Understanding Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are made up of a tooth-colored resin that contains plastic and additives, sometimes with glass particles mixed in. They are typically used to treat cavities, but can also be used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of teeth by reshaping them.

There are several other types of fillings commonly used, such as gold, porcelain, and silver amalgam. However, metal fillings are more noticeable in the mouth compared to composite fillings. While porcelain fillings are closer in color to surrounding teeth, they tend to be expensive. Composite fillings offer a good balance between aesthetics, affordability, and durability, making them a popular choice for many patients.

" Patients of all ages can have situations that requires a
filling. "
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Other Filling Types

Despite being the most common type of filling, composite fillings are not always the best option for every patient. Some folks could have a clear aesthetic choice for a specific filler type. For instance, even though tooth-colored fillings are less visible, some people enjoy the way gold fillings look. In addition, composite fillings are less long-lasting than gold and porcelain fillings. They could outlive composite filler material by a decades or more. A composite filling may last around five years less than silver amalgam

Composite fillings may require more time to perform than traditional fillings, according to the American Dental Association. A composite filling may be more pricey than silver amalgam. On the other hand, insurance coverage might affect this. As opposed to gold and porcelain fillings, it is less expensive. Before choosing a course of action, patients should speak with our dentist about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

" Composite fillings are the most common type of filling, but not every patient should have one "

When to Have a Filling?

Several circumstances could necessitate a filling. Tooth decay is the most typical. A filling is typically the least invasive way to treat decay. A filling can be used to restore teeth in cases when there are chips, cracks, or wear. In some circumstances, a filling can also close tiny holes created by conditions unrelated to tooth decay. Dentists occasionally provide purely aesthetic operations to fix discolouration or misaligned teeth. Situations that call for a filling might arise in individuals of all ages. However, kids who are still waiting for their permanent teeth encounter these circumstances less frequently. 85% of adults receive at least one filling before the age of 34, per the National Institutes of Health survey that was referenced before. Oral hygiene habits can also have a big impact on how likely it is that you'll require a filling.

Same Day Dentistry
" For many patients, composite fillings offer a balance of aesthetics, affordability, and durability "

Get Composite Fillings at Georgetown TX 78628

If you are looking to get Composite Fillings your your teeth, We at Georgetown TX 78628 offer it and an affordable cost. and, the best part is you'll get your complete treatment among the top ten dentists in Georgetown.

When you visit us at our dental office in Georgetown, you'll find everyone wants to help you and we consult you everything related to the procedure before doing it. Once you agree on it, then we'll start.

First, our dentists will match the shade of composite to use for your fillings. then, we'll give you local anesthesia to numb the surroundings. and then the whole process of cleaning the cavity and filling it with the composite material will start. The whole process will take a maximum of an hour the complete work. and, in most cases, it's a one-visit work.

The cost of composite teeth filling can be $100-$450 per tooth. It depends on how much the decay is and its location. and, this can only be told once you visit us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, we mark the site before using a drill or laser to remove any rotten or broken tooth enamel. The area will then be cleaned and dried. The treatment area may be probed by our dentist to look for any undiscovered deterioration. Lastly, we use the patient’s preferred filling substance to fill the cavity.

While less costly than gold or porcelain, composite fillings are typically more premium than silver amalgam. Each insurance policy is unique. Before receiving treatment, people should be mindful to speak with their insurance company to find out more about the insurance for composite fillings.

According to WebMD, maintaining fillings might benefit from proper oral hygiene habits. Use mouthwash, floss, and brush for two minutes at least twice every day. Additionally, schedule routine cleanings and checkups with the dentist.

Patients may feel sensitive or uncomfortable in the surroundings of the treatment region. These signs are transitory and normal, though. Patients may occasionally experience an allergic reaction to certain filling types, however this is unusual with composites.

The average lifespan of composite fillings is seven years. 

Nevertheless, if the fillings are tiny and the individual has good oral hygiene, according to a study published in the Journal of Dental Research, they can endure for 10 years or longer. Patients can extend the life of their composite fillings by maintaining proper oral hygiene and health.