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Immediate Dentures HQ Dental Georgetown, TX

Immediate Dentures HQ Dental Georgetown, TX
Immediate or temporary dentures are artificial teeth that are placed during the healing process. They are pre-made dentures so they can be put in immediately after the extraction process.

They're meant to help you avoid being without teeth during the healing period. However, because your gums and jawbone may change shape as they heal, these dentures usually need adjustments or replacement to ensure a proper fit once the healing process is complete.

At our clinic in Georgetown, we offer Immediate Dentures. So, if you are looking for the same services you can visit us or call us at: (512) 863-7561.

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Everyone who worked in my mouth was extremely gentle, yet thorough. They’ve certainly found a patient for life

Differences Between Complete Dentures and Immediate Denture

Both conventional, full dentures and immediate denture are manufactured specifically for each patient using an impression of their mouth. Immediate denture are made before the removal of the teeth, whereas full dentures are shaped to the mouth afterwards.

Although immediate denture may be prepared in advance as a result, the alignment may not be optimum. During the healing process after extraction, the gums and jaw may alter shape, necessitating additional adjustments to the temporary dentures. In many situations, immediate denture may also be more expensive.

" Immediate dentures are shaped before the removal, while complete dentures are sculpted to the mouth after dental extraction."

When living without teeth would be difficult, uncomfortable, or inconvenient, a patient may choose urgent dentures.

" Getting instant dentures is much like getting regular dentures in terms of the process."

Patients have the option of using immediate denture to prevent losing their teeth for an extended period of time.

Dentures should be left in the mouth for at minimum 24 to 48 hours after treatment to give the underlying tissues time to fully recover into the contour of the denture.

When to Get Immediate Dentures

When living without teeth and waiting for permanent dentures would be uncomfortable, harmful, or unpleasant, a patient may choose immediate denture. In order to safeguard the remaining teeth after an extraction, a patient with a background of sensitive teeth may want to wear temporary dentures. Because of the dentures, the natural teeth will experience less pressure when biting.

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation notes that social and cosmetic factors are the most often cited justifications for having immediate dentures. While expecting to be fit for complete dentures or implants, many people would prefer not to live without teeth. An answer to this demand is provided by immediate dentures.

Process for Immediate Dentures

Getting immediate dentures is very similar to getting traditional dentures in terms of procedure. The oral cavity is used as a mold by the dentist to manufacture the dentures.

The technique for instant dentures is unique primarily because it occurs prior to tooth extraction. The University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics state that the fabrication procedure may require four to five trips to be finished. Making imprints, choosing teeth, and occasionally trying on the back teeth are all steps in the procedure.

Advantages of Immediate Dentures

Patients have the choice of not living without teeth for a prolonged period of time with immediate denture. On a specific instance situation, HQ Dental may assist in advising patients on the advantages and disadvantages of temporary dentures. Some of the causes someone might decide to get immediate dentures include the following:

Quick outcomes. For many patients, not having to wait is the biggest perk. Most people don't like being unable to smile for an extended period of time. An alternative to the customary several-week wait period for permanent denture production is the use of immediate dentures.

Quick outcomes. For many patients, not having to wait is the biggest perk. Most people don't like being unable to smile for an extended period of time. An alternative to the customary several-week wait period for permanent denture production is the use of immediate dentures. less uncomfortable after extraction. For individuals with delicate gums or teeth, temporary dentures might offer protection, easing the discomfort of the healing process after extraction. To preserve convenience, the dentures must be adjusted frequently.

Teeth that are more closely resemble actual teeth While some natural teeth are still intact, it is simpler for a dentist to more precisely replicate their size, color, and arrangement—especially important for complete immediate dentures. This might be a huge advantage for patients who want to keep the appearance of their smiles.

Aftercare for Patients

Following the immediate implantation of dentures, there are post-treatment procedures involving both care and upkeep to ensure the dentures remain in place and operate as intended. Dentures need to be retained in the mouth for at least 24 to 48 hours after treatment to give the underlying tissues time to better recover into the contour of the denture. Following that, dentures should be taken out for cleaning and while you sleep.

The dentures should be stored in a cup or other container filled with fresh, cold water to keep them clean and well-maintained. Additionally, salt water rinses can be used to clean them. Before putting the dentures in, make sure that the mouth is also clean. Lastly, it's important to maintain regular dentist visits to make sure the dentures fit properly.

Get Immediate Dentures At Georgetown TX

At our clinic in Georgetown, we offer Same-day or immediate dentures to patients right after the extraction. During the healing, these dentures help patients get used to their new teeth. Furthermore, we offer dentures that work and act like natural teeth. So, the patient can do regular work like eating and talking easily.

Talking about the cost of same-day dentures will be difficult here to tell. On average, it can go up to 400 to 800 or even more per arch. The amount depends upon the type of dentures, complexity of the treatment and if extraction are required or not. Its best to visit our clinic, meet with doctor and they’ll give the customized plan that’ll suite you the best. Furthermore, we offer full and partial dentures and dental relining services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Immediate Dentures

Immediate denture are not appropriate for everyone. Because of their overall health or specific oral disorders, certain patients shouldn’t have them. If you’re unsure if this treatment is the best option for you, a dentist can offer specific guidance.

No, you usually do not require temporary dentures after an extraction. Due to aesthetic considerations, some patients favor them. They may occasionally be suggested by a dentist to assist shield the gums’ healing area and any surviving teeth.

Immediate dentures can be either full or partial. If the dentures are full, the dentist could pull the back teeth first to ensure a better fit without any obvious gaps. Typically, partial dentures are adjusted and fitted based on bite imprints

Compared to implants and bridges, partial dentures typically cost less. Moreover, they often require less design, production, and placement time. They are simple to assemble, take apart, and clean

According to WebMD, because the gums and jaw may change during the healing process, instant dentures need extensive adjusting. They should primarily be regarded as temporary dentures. Nevertheless, patients might keep them permanently in some circumstances.

 Since immediate dentures are made beforehand, they can be inserted right away following tooth extraction. The healing of the extraction site is the only constraining element.

The majority of dentists who supply dentures also give immediate dentures. Patients can learn more about immediate denture operations from HQ Dental. At least a few weeks prior to the extraction, inquire about temporary dentures.