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Best Dental Insurance With no Waiting Period in 2024? HQ Dental, TX

Ever wonder what is the best dental insurance with no waiting period? Let’s find out today.

Before you file a claim for specific dental services after purchasing coverage, dental insurance policies frequently impose waiting periods.

It’s more difficult to locate dental insurance with no waiting periods, so it’s critical to study the fine print to understand your precise limitations. Here’s how to locate the greatest dental insurance with no waiting periods

What Is the Waiting Period for Dental Insurance?

The time frames within which you must wait for specific services after purchasing a dental insurance policy are known as dental insurance waiting periods. You can receive coverage for those dental services at the reimbursement amount outlined in the dental insurance plan after the waiting period has passed. A variety of dental insurance treatment categories may be subject to waiting periods, such as:

Preventing Illness:

Preventive care is not subject to a waiting period under the majority of dental insurance plans. This implies that your plan should promptly and completely cover things like cleanings, X-rays, checkups, and other preventive services

Basic care:

Certain dental insurance plans impose wait times on the provision of basic dental services, such as non-surgical tooth extractions, space maintainers, and restorations (fillings).

Major dental care:

Certain more expensive procedures, like oral surgery, dental crowns, and difficult extractions, might need a waiting period of six or twelve months.
Other dental work: If your dental plan covers it, waiting periods may apply for braces, dentures, implants, and teeth whitening.

The Best Place to Look for Dental Insurance with no Waiting Periods

If you want to start receiving dental benefits right away or if you need immediate care, finding a dental insurance with no waiting periods can be helpful. Examine the details of the dental plan to begin your search. Seek out information regarding waiting times because certain dental plans might not require a waiting period for any kind of care, while others might not require one for certain services.

Determine if there are certain cares you can wait on. Certain dental plans require waiting periods for major procedures like root canals but not for routine care. This kind of plan might be appropriate if you don’t require urgent medical attention.

Examine prices and coverage. You can compare the premiums, deductibles, annual maximums, and provider networks of each dental policy after you’ve narrowed down your selection of plans without a waiting period.

Plans for Dental Insurance With No Waiting Periods

It is not difficult to find a dental insurance with no waiting periods for preventive care, but it might be more difficult, if not impossible, to obtain coverage for other dental procedures.

Almost all of the thirty dental insurance plans that we examined do not have a waiting period for preventive care. For basic care, about half don’t have a waiting period. There are none in the nine major care waiting periods.

Here are some dental insurance with no waiting periods for basic care: Guardian Direct’s Diamond, Achiever, Core, and Starter plans; Ameritas’ PrimeStar Access, PrimeStar Total, and PrimeStar Value plans; Pinnacle Network, Secure Network, Humana Loyalty Plus, Spirit Dental Core Network, and Secure Choice plans; and UnitedHealthcare’s Primary Dental, Primary Plus Dental, and Primary Preferred plans.

For major care, some dental insurance with no waiting period include Ameritas’ PrimeStar Access and PrimeStar Total plans, Denali Dental’s Ridge Plan and Summit Plan, Humana Loyalty Plus, and Spirit Dental’s Core Network, Pinnacle Network, Secure Network, and Secure Choice plans.

During a waiting period, you can still visit the dentist, but the portions of care that come with a waiting period will not be covered by your dental insurance.

During a Waiting Period, What Takes Place If I Visit the Dentist?

While there is a waiting period, you can still visit the dentist, but the portions of care that come with a waiting period won’t be covered by your dental insurance.

For example, there usually isn’t a waiting period for preventive care, so services like cleanings and exams will probably be covered. However, if you’re still in the waiting period for those services, you’ll be responsible for paying for other kinds of care.

What Makes a Dental Plan Free of Waiting Periods Appealing?

If you have dental insurance with no waiting period, you can get the care you need right away. Waiting times may vary from six months to a year, contingent upon the dental policy and nature of care Waiting periods are a crucial consideration when selecting your dental insurance, yet there are numerous other things to take into consideration. Examine an insurance policy’s benefits, premiums, deductibles, yearly coverage caps, and provider network.

What Makes a Dental Plan Free of Waiting Periods Appealing?

You might have to wait three months to a year for basic dental services and six months to a year for major dental care if your dental insurance plan has waiting periods. These are a few instances of waiting times for various dental insurance plans. Dental care type, Normal waiting times, Early intervention, Generally none, but certain policies have waiting periods of three or six months.

Basic Medical Attention

Certain plans have no waiting periods at all for basic care, whereas others have waiting periods of three, four, or six months.

Severe Care

There may be a six- or 12-month waiting period for primary care under dental insurance plans.

Dental implant

Dental insurance plans that cover implants may have waiting periods of six or twelve months. Plans that cover dentures frequently have six- or 12-month waiting periods.


Braces are often not covered by dental plans, or their coverage is limited to dependent children under the age of 19. Orthodontic plans sometimes have a 12-month waiting period

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is not included in many dental plans. There might be a wait time of six months for those who have the insurance.

Why Are There Waiting Periods in Certain Dental Insurance Plans?

Waiting periods are used by dental insurance companies as a cost-saving measure to prevent new members from rapidly accruing high dental bills.
Waiting periods are meant to deter people from obtaining pricey dental procedures and then quickly terminating their dental insurance.

This kind of sudden coverage termination may result in increased dental insurance costs for all policy holders.

In an effort to encourage members to receive preventive care and potentially avoid more expensive major dental work down the road, insurance companies typically do not impose waiting periods for preventive services.

What Is the Cost of a Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period?

In contrast to dental insurance with no waiting period, Based on analysis by Forbes Advisor, the best dental insurance with no waiting period ranges in price from approximately $47 to $69 per month.

Although there might be less expensive dental insurance available, most dental care plans come with waiting periods. Two instances are:
Humana’s Preventive Care is an affordable plan, with an average monthly cost of $22. Major care is not covered by the policy, but there are no waiting periods for preventive and basic care.

The average monthly cost of UnitedHealthcare’s Essential Dental is $24, but there are waiting periods for both major and basic care. Preventive care has no waiting period.

Do Dental Insurance Plans That Don't Have Waiting Periods Cost More?

Dental insurance with no waiting period providers set their rates based on several variables, one of which is the scope of coverage.

There is dental insurance with no waiting period for various kinds of coverage under that coverage. Compare potential waiting periods to other features of dental insurance plans, such as:

Extra coverage for things like dental implants, dentures, teeth whitening, and orthodontics Maximums paid by the insurance company on an annual and lifetime basis Deductible percentage of the dentist’s bill that is covered by insurance Premiums Provider system Plan type

Does Dental Insurance Without Waiting Periods Have Drawbacks?

Dental insurance without waiting periods may come with trade-offs, such as increased premiums.

For instance, the insurance provider might impose higher coinsurance rates (your after-deductible out-of-pocket expenses) on different services. Additionally, the insurer may implement graduated dental benefits, whereby basic treatment is only covered up to 25% in the first 12 months and 50% in the second year.
Make sure you comprehend the advantages and restrictions by reading the policy.

How Can a Dental Insurance Waiting Period Be Avoided?

There might be a way to avoid a waiting period for dental insurance with no waiting period. A waiting period may be waived by a dental insurance provider if you:
Change dental insurance plans while remaining with the same provider.

Without allowing your dental insurance coverage to lapse, switch dental insurance providers. If your dental insurance policy has a waiting period, find out if you are eligible to skip it by contacting your insurance provider. If you qualify, it can save you hundreds of dollars on dental care.

Who Can Get Dental Insurance Without Having to Wait a Period?

dental insurance with no waiting period is available to everyone and does not have any waiting periods.
The more difficult task is locating a policy that doesn’t have a waiting period in case you need extensive dental work.


We evaluated the top dental insurance with no waiting period plans using the metrics listed below in order to find the best dental insurance with no waiting periods. We then narrowed our search to just the plans that had no waiting periods.

Thirty independent dental plans were selected. Each state may have different benefit details, so be sure to consult the plan brochure. The following factors are used to determine star ratings:

Price. We looked at prices for a Texas woman in her 30s. Texas was unavailable, so we turned to California: 30% of the total.
10% of the score is the annual maximum insurance payout.
10% of points for no waiting period for preventive care.
10% of the score is awarded for basic care.

Waiting period for basic care: 10% of score.

One-year major care coverage: 10% of the score.

Implant coverage: 10% of the total score.

Orthodontic coverage is 10% of the score.

Thankfully, HQ Dental is covered by all of the aforementioned plans. Make an appointment with Dr. Tran as soon as possible to learn more about your insurance benefits.


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