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Should I Floss Before or After Brushing? HQ Dental, TX

Floss Before or After Brushing: It’s a common belief among children (and some adults) that brushing their teeth wastes time and energy. However, it’s not a matter of not brushing their teeth at all, but rather how frequently and effectively they do it that worries me.

Statistics show that only 30% of Americans brush their teeth once daily, whereas dentists recommend brushing twice daily.
The science

Plaque and tartar are standard terms we hear about when it comes to oral health. But what are they exactly? Plaque is a sticky substance that can turn yellow over time. It forms when food particles stick to your teeth and gums, providing a breeding ground for both acids and bacteria.

Should I Floss Before or After Brushing?

The chemicals in the plaque eventually start to alter, hardening it over time. This is called tartar, and once it gets to this hardened state, it can be challenging to get rid of.

The bacteria and acid in plaque and tartar can cause gum disease and decay. Both can be uncomfortable and are highly unpleasant. Poor oral hygiene can cause discomfort, tooth loss, expensive dental extractions or implants, and the expense of having a self-conscious smile or foul breath.

Technique and brushing

Twice a day, tooth brushing is advised by dentists. Make sure to swap out your toothbrush every three to four months.Your toothbrush’s bristles weaken with time as they start to bend and fray. Therefore, they are less able to clean your teeth and tongue thoroughly. That’s correct; remember to remove bacteria from your tongue when you brush!,

Use the fluoride toothpaste that the American Dental Association recommends at all times. Brushing your teeth with short circular motions is the most efficient method. Brush the back, top (or bottom), and front of your teeth for the fluoride to effectively remove plaque build-up; brushing your teeth for two to three minutes after each cleaning is recommended.

Ensure your toothbrush is angled slightly to get behind the little gum flaps at the base of your teeth. It’s also advised to wait 30 minutes after brushing your teeth before consuming food or liquids. This will enable your teeth’s enamel to solidify once more following brushing.

Is it better to floss or not?

Floss Before or After Brushing: Flossing—or rather, not flossing—is another matter of concern. About 30% of individuals don’t floss. Given that brushing alone is insufficient for maintaining excellent oral health, this concerns both patients and dentists.

What are the advantages of flossing, then?

Our mouths function as filters, breaking down food for our bodies to process, much like a car engine or a swimming pool’s filters. Due to the many crevices and spaces in our teeth, food can become trapped and hidden, which can result in harmful chemical reactions.
By flossing, we can help eliminate food residue and plaque trapped in our teeth. You must floss. Cleaning is only half the work. When we brush and don’t floss our teeth, we remove only the food particles, not the bacteria that can cause damage if left for hours.

Should Flossing Come Floss Before or After Brushing?

in Floss Before or After Brushing, Food, plaque, and saliva can be removed from the gum line and in the spaces between teeth by flossing before brushing. These particles are then eliminated by brushing. This also allows toothpaste and fluoride to reach the now-vacant areas where food was previously stuck.

While brushing our teeth, we should also consider the advantages of flossing. Wash your mouth with mouthwash as an additional defense against gum disease and tooth decay. If you live or work in the Georgetown, Temple, or Williamson counties and have questions about brushing, flossing, or oral health, don’t hesitate to contact us at HQ Dental to schedule an appointment.


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